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Here’s the problem:

Building digital healthcare solutions is complex

What's the right tech stack to achieve my goals?

Selecting the right technology for your healthcare startup requires thoughtful decision-making. Should I build for scale, or will I be over engineering? Which infrastructure strategy is right for our goals?  How do I choose vendors to achieve regulatory compliance?  What impact does technology choice have on our future roadmap or ability to attract talent?

How do you protect data security and privacy?

Safeguarding data security and privacy poses real challenges and represents significant risk to your business. Vulnerabilities in your codebase, regulatory (eg. HIPAA) adherence, and safeguarding consumer data are just a few of the challenges you will need to navigate.  Mitigating these risks will occur at the intersection of process, product, and people.

How do you integrate empathy into your design process?

Bringing empathy into the design process is particularly crucial in healthcare, where the stakes are high for patients, adminstrators, providers, and caregivers. Effective solutions require a deep understanding of the experiences, emotions, and challenges faced by all stakeholders, in order to craft effective solutions that make a meaningful impact on end users.

How should I prioritize my roadmap and route to market?

You may find yourself asking common questions like “how much security/design/functionality is enough?”, “how should I plan this integration with a 3rd party EMR?”, or “how much can we deliver in the next 3 months?”.  Roadmap planning requires particular attention to detail, given healthcare products’ higher prominence of non-functional attributes. This also necessitates an understanding of the clinical or regulatory requirements in bringing a new product to market.

We help you

Solve these challenges

We're not your typical agency. We work with you to figure out the smartest steps to realise your vision, and then we make them happen. These might include:

Compliance Strategy

Gain clarity on regulatory compliance. Receive a comprehensive roadmap outlining steps for ensuring adherence to relevant regulations, such as HIPAA, TCPA, CCPA, GDPR, etc.

Technology Strategy

Receive informed recommendations on tech stack, development strategy, and infrastructure. We ensure your choices align with compliance requirements, budget constraints, scalability, and maintainability goals.

Ideation Through Design

Transform ideas into actionable plans with our ideation and design services. Visualize your solution, conduct design sprints, and develop new ideas for how to solve healthcare’s pressing needs.

Brand Identity Development

Define and refine your brand identity to resonate with your target audience. We'll collaborate with you to create a compelling brand image that reflects your healthcare startup's values and mission.

UX/UI Design

Elevate user experiences with meticulously crafted UI/UX designs. From wireframes to high-fidelity screens, we ensure intuitive interfaces that enhance engagement and usability.

Agile Development Planning

Develop a flexible and efficient development plan tailored to your unique needs. We’ll help you develop a pragmatic approach to bring your solution to market, whilst being mindful of your resourcing and financial reality.

Experiment-Driven G2M

Validate assumptions and mitigate risks with cost-effective go-to-market tests. Leverage no-code solutions, design prototypes, and low-cost experiments to gather insights before committing resources to full-scale development.

System Architecture & Integrations

We’ll help you integrate with legacy systems such as EMRs with our expertise in system architecture, and help ensure interoperability, data integrity, and smooth operation within complex healthcare environments.

Full App Build-Out

From concept to launch, we offer end-to-end support in building your healthcare app. Whether assembling a dedicated team or collaborating with your in-house developers, we deliver scalable and robust solutions.

Our experience in healthcare

We have worked with diverse organizations and founders in the healthcare space, ranging from physicians wanting to build their own startup through to major enterprises looking to deliver innovations to their members.



Psychographic Patient Profiles


Regional network of 150+ Primary Care Practices

Our client is a provider network that serves marginalized populations across the US.  We helped them deliver better at-home caregiver experiences, by developing psychographic profiles that highlighted actionable patient insights in a manner cognizant and considerate of patients’ emotional sensibilities.



Greenfield SaaS project for oncologists


AI division of a Fortune 50 health insurer

We worked with a major US health insurer to standup a new team and deliver a SaaS tool for oncologists - all from scratch.  Our client’s internal data science initiatives had uncovered novel insights and our goal was to make this accessible to researchers and physicians. 

We stood up a cross functional team to translate their research into an interactive data analysis tool. The product was successfully delivered on a tight timeframe, adhered to quality standards through test automation and devops & infrastructure practices, and resonated with end users due to our attention to design.

Process & Compliance


Compliance in telehealth


Behavioral health network serving 10+ million patients

Creating a telehealth solution for behavioral health practitioners required a mature approach to project management.  In addition to accommodating sensitivity in patient-centric designs, we also implemented “compliance through process” by baking adherence to regulation and risk management practices into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).